My Philosophies:

I am a lover of all things design. Great design, in all realms, excites me. Design is not just how it looks, but how it works,  how it functions.  It’s not just about aesthetics. It’s about living. To me, it’s not about trends. Fashion fades, but style is eternal. However, your home does not have to stay static. Life changes. Your home can evolve, as you do. It’s a deliberate and conscious process to refine and improve one’s life. It’s about removing friction. I believe equally in form and function. Style is as important to me as comfort, but I think comfort should never be ignored. I create spaces that are visually rich, layered, and interesting, yet comfortable, and most importantly absolutely personalized. My goal is to create a home environment that aids in efficiency, brings enjoyment, and enriches the lives of the people who live there.

I have always been interested in the creative arts, but I combine that with a meticulous drive to organize. I constantly think about ways to approach and arrange things more systematically. Organization is second nature to me. As far as loves, my first was photography. I managed a custom photo lab, amongst other things, and it has been a part of my life for over 25 years. Even though I no longer work in the industry, the things I learned, especially about composition, are carried with me and applied today. But it wasn’t enough to truly fulfill me. My real passion is interior design because it so beautifully combines the aesthetic with function with individual personality. Where and how we live has such a huge impact on our lives. We experience its benefits and its shortcomings almost every day. Our relationships with our homes run deep. Home is the backdrop of life. A place to recharge. The outer projection of the inner soul. It expresses our experiences, our memories, our desires. It encompasses both the past and the future. It can tell the story of who you are, or who you want to become. It is a reflection of where we came from and where we want to go.

I am not a minimalist. While I believe in living consciously, living efficiently, and with zero waste, I do not believe in living without things, living a limited life (that can be especially difficult in tight urban spaces like Vancouver). We are not the possessions we own, but there is no mistaking they are a comfort to us, bring us joy, and hold memories of our experiences. Our homes should be a collection of the things we love. Perhaps sometimes fewer things, better things, thoughtfully chosen.

I don’t believe in perfection. There is beauty in imperfection. One’s home, like life, can be ever-evolving. But one usually knows when it is a good stopping point, for now. And that is when friction is gone, and you feel at ease.

Space is an expression of style, irrespective of trends.

A good designer is a problem solver.

A good designer sees potential.

A good designer does not try to control or make all the decisions, but creates a spirit of collaboration. They should not impose their preferences on others, but help guide the client to what they want to say.

To be an effective designer is to be a good listener. I also believe to be a good person is to be a good listener. You will be heard.

If it makes you smile, it’s your style.

Be serious about quality, but have fun with colour!

Do it for yourself, not for the adulation of others.

The details are not just the details.  They make the design.

The process should be fun. I know the rules, but let’s break some!

Inspired? Great. Overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Let me help you narrow things down, work within your and your home’s parameters, and execute the ideal space for you. Don’t wait to live well. Don’t put off living your life today. Everyone deserves to live comfortably and with a little beauty in their home. No matter how little space or money you have, you can always make a place a home and share it with others.


My home was featured on HGTV.com, in a story on outdoor design about inspirational Mediterranean style courtyards.
My home was asked to be a part of Bravo TV’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles (unfortunately I was in the process of selling and the agents were not able to coordinate in time so I just missed the opportunity.)

Design Training/Education:

Professional Webinars, Houzz.com/Pro
* 2018 U.S. State of the Industry Report, May 2018
* Lighting Trends & Best Practices, May 2018
* Getting Great Photography: Insider Tips for Capturing Your Work, Sept. 2017
* Next Trends: From Consumer Culture to Home Building and Design, Sept. 2017

Vancouver Fall Home Show, Oct. 2017
* Tearing Down & Building a New Home: Navigating the Complexities of a Custom Home Design in Greater Vancouver, Kathy Yuen, Phase One Design
* Innovations in Kitchen & Bath Design, Jamie Banfield Design, Jamie Banfield

IDS West, Interior Design Show, Vancouver, B.C., Oct. 2017
* Panel discussion, Gray Conversation Stage, The Cutting Edge, a ‘what’s next’ of design trends

La Cienega Design Quarter Events, Los Angeles, CA
* Express Yourselfie: Do We Design for Likes, Loves or Living?, May 2014
* Glamour – A Timeless Narrative, May 2014
* Back To the Future, May 2014
* The Interior Design Industry in 2013 – Now What?, May 2013
* Past Present, May 2013
* Cycling Through History, May 2013
* All Access Design: Reaching Today’s Sophisticated Shopper, May 2013

How to Create Your Dream Home Without Losing Your Mind or Wallet, Los Angeles, CA, October 2013
* A panel discussion with experts in Real Estate, Architectural Design, Construction, Interior Design, and Feng Sui

Redin’s Multiple Offer Class, Los Angeles, CA, February 2013
* Competing against multipe offers, how to win a bidding war, home inspection tips, etc.

Architecture & Interior Design Courses, U.C.L.A., Los Angeles, CA:
* Estate Sales and Fine Art Appraisals, March 2011
* Accessorizing for Residential Interiors, February – March 2011
* Residential Remodeling, June – August 2010
* Early American Furniture and Decorative Arts, February 2010
* Creating Warmth & Drama in the Home With Light, January 2010
* Decorating and Designing for the Home, November 2009

LACMA Educational Talks, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA, January 2013
* Inventing the Modern World: Decorative Arts at the World’s Fairs, 1851-1939

Pacific Design Center Guest Lecture Series, P.D.C., Los Angeles, CA
* American Design and California Dreaming: Design in Changing Times, March 2013
* California: What Matters Now, March 2013
* The Intersection of Hollywood and Design, March 2013
* From Exotic Villas to Designer Automobiles: Cultivating and Catering to a World-Class Clientele, *March 2013
* How To Be Asked Back To the Party: The Art of Repeat Business, March 2013
* In Focus: Trends in Interiors Photography with Margaret Russell, March 2012
* What Makes the “A” Team? Successful Partnering on Luxury Estates: How to Maintain a Perfect * Storm Without Stormy Weather, March 2012
* Work, Play, Sleep, Live: A Lesson in Feng Shui, November 2011
* Traditional Now: Evolving Definitions of Traditional Design, September 2011
* Best Seat in the House: The Story of Upholstery, September 2011
* “Million Dollar” Mary at Moura Starr, September 2011
* Design Inspiration from Maison de Luxe, September 2011
* Louis, Louis, Louis – Inside the World of Furniture Makers of Louis XIV, XV, XVI , August 2011
* Five Money Marketing & Mindset Strategies for a Great Design Business Even in a Tough Market, July 2011
* At Home: A Style for Today with Things from the Past with Suzanne Rheinstein, December 2010
* Timeless Elegance: The Houses of David Easton, November 2010
* Donna Livingston: Successful Interiors – It’s All in the Details, May 2010
* Design Revolution , Using new tools and resources to innovate business, March 2010
* Camera Ready: It’s Not Complicated, The process of decorating and shooting interiors for print, film, and television, March 2010
* The Golden Age of California: A Workshop with Architect Virgil McDowell, February 2010
* Moment of Luxury with Designer Bill Stubbs, November 2009

Rhodec International, November 2009
* Interior Design: An Introductory Course, Certificate of Completion, Final score: 73%

The Hyatt Hotel, West Hollywood, CA, June 2006
* Seminar: Secrets of Success to Selling on Ebay


I have attended lectures and received training from the following distinguished professionals of the design industry:

  1. Alex Papachristidis, Interior Decorator
  2. Alison Clare Steingold, Design Editor, C magazine and C Home
  3. Barbra Stover, Luxury Property Specialist
  4. Bart Mendel, Estate Construction Manager
  5. Barry Dixon, Interior Designer
  6. Beth Devermont, Interior Designer
  7. Beth Rubino, Film Set Designer, Nancy Meyers
  8. Bill Stubbs, Interior Designer
  9. Brad Ford, Designer & Founder, DesignTherapy.com
  10. Bradley Bayou, Designer
  11. Brian Patrick Flynn, HGTV and TBS Network Designer, Founder of DecorDecmon.com
  12. Catherine Fuller, Curator of Decorative Arts at Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
  13. Catherine Kwong, Interior Designer
  14. Catt Sadler, E Entertainment host
  15. Chloe Warner, Interior Designer
  16. Christopher Sharp, CEO, The Rug Company
  17. Courtney Thorne-Smith, Actress and design enthusiast
  18. Crans Baldwin, CEO/President, Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman
  19. Darrell Schmitt, Designer
  20. David Easton, Designer and Architect
  21. David John Dick, Interior Designer
  22. David Keeton, General Contractor
  23. David Kleinberg, Author, Interior Designer
  24. David Smith, Film Production Designer, Nancy Meyers
  25. Degen Pener, Culture Editor, Hollywood Reporter
  26. Donna Livingston, Interior Designer. Job interview
  27. Douglas Burdge, Malibu Architect
  28. Eleanor Schrader, Architectural and Interior Design Historian, Professor and Consultant
  29. Gary Drake, Luxury Builder
  30. Gary Hutton, Designer
  31. George Smith, Furniture Designer
  32. Grant K. Gibson, Interior Designer
  33. Grey Crawford, Photographer, Architectural Digest
  34. Jaime Rummerfield, Interior Designer
  35. James Caughman, Furniture Historian
  36. James Huniford, Interior Designer
  37. James Radin, Interior Designer for Nancy Meyers and the movies
  38. Jamie Banfield, Interior Designer
  39. Jane Hallworth, Interior Designer
  40. Jennifer Polachek, Publisher, Interiors California
  41. Julia Noran, Editoratlarge.com
  42. Julian St. Charles, VP and Site Director HGTV.com
  43. Kat Fern, ASID LA President
  44. Kathy Yuen, Phase One Design
  45. Kendall Wilkinson, Interior Designer
  46. Kim Alexandriuk, Interior Designer
  47. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Interior Designer, Author, Educator, TV Show Host
  48. Madeline Stuart, Interior Designer
  49. Margaret Russell, Editor-at-Large Galerie magazine, former Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Digest
  50. Mark Cutler, Designer
  51. Mark D. Sikes, Interior Designer
  52. Mark David Levine, Landscape Architect
  53. Mary McDonald, Author, Bravo TV contributor, Interior Designer, Product Designer
  54. Mauricio Umansky, Luxury Real Estate Broker
  55. Mayer Rus, West Coast Editor of Architectural Digest, Los Angeles Times magazine critic
  56. Michael Boodro, Editor in Chief, Elle Decor
  57. Michael Bruno, Founder, 1stDibs.com
  58. Michael Wollaeger, Interiors Editorial Director
  59. Monique Lafia, Estate Designer
  60. Nancy Meyer, Film Director, Producer, Screenwriter
  61. Nino Sitchinava, Ph.D., Principal Economist, Houzz
  62. Pamela Jaccarino, Editor in Chief, Luxe Interiors + Design
  63. Paul Bailey, Architect
  64. Peter Sallick, Managing Partner of Design Investors LLC, Co-founder and CEO of Dering Hall, Inc.
  65. Philip Gorrivan, Interior Designer, Stylist and Product Designer
  66. K. Odle, Feng Shui Instructor
  67. Raymond Goins, Furniture Designer
  68. Renee Labbe, Creative Foresight Strategist, Boral Roofing
  69. Richard Blumenberg, Architect
  70. Roger Davies, Photographer, Architectural Digest
  71. Ron Radziner, Architect
  72. Ron Woodson, Interior Designer
  73. Ronda Carman, Founder, AlltheBestBlog.com
  74. Sarah Reep, Director, Design Relations, Masco Cabinetry
  75. Shawn Henderson, Interior Designer
  76. Shiva Rose, Actress and Holistic Maven
  77. Simona F. Mainini, Feng Shui Master, Dr. Architecture
  78. Sophie Donelson, Editoratlarge.com
  79. Susan McFadden, Editor, California Homes
  80. Suzanne Rheinstein, Interior Designer, author,retail home furnishings shop owner
  81. Terri Taylor, Interior Designer/Business Consultant
  82. Thomas Wright, Lighting Expert and Designer, Savoy House Lighting
  83. Tim Clarke, Interior Designer
  84. Timothy Corrigan, Interior Designer
  85. Todd Nickey, Interior Designer and shop owner Nickey Kehoe
  86. Vanessa de Vargas, Founder, Interior Designer, Consultant, Apartment Therapy
  87. Virgil McDowell, Architect
  88. Virginia Knight, Interior Designer and UCLA Instructor
  89. William Hefner, Architect
  90. Yvonne Colacion, Estate Interior Designer
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