Neither good taste nor wealth… can transform a house into a home, for a home does not consist in the quality of its architecture or decor, but in the quality of the lives that it expresses. – Philippa Tristram, Living Space in Fact and Fiction

o you appreciate good design but need direction and are unsure of how to implement it? Are you wanting to optimize your living space? Or freshen things up and add some oomph? Perhaps a change in style to represent some positive changes in your life, or to help begin a new chapter. You may be getting ready for some activities and projects around the home. Could you use my help with anything? Please let me know.

I am a born organizer, with over a decade of knowledge and intensive study of interior design and home renovation, and a lover of decorating. I'm offering my services to help you with your home's design and organization.

I will do just about anything to help declutter, organize, problem solve, design, or decorate your home. I will help you define or find your style, deal with 'the paradox of choice', find common ground and integrate it with those you live with, and help find the right products for you at fair prices. I'm very price-conscious. I will make suggestions, shop and do the work (with or without you - your choice). Think beautiful living rooms that you would be proud to entertain in, chill media/technology rooms that you can fully engross yourself in, tranquil bedrooms that are a place to recharge, efficient kitchen cupboards and countertops, impeccably organized offices, closets, etc. I particularly love finding new ways to layout a room with furniture, existing or new, which makes a huge impact on a room (I have floor sliders and with these just two people can accomplish a lot). And lighting is key and a true obsession of mine. I cannot overstate its importance. It sets the scene, creates an atmosphere, or can function in the most efficient way to complete a task. No room is complete without a throrough analysis and design of the lighting elements. I can also help you make decisions about what to give away and donate, or list items for sale (such as on Craigslist, Kijiji, Ebay, etc). (Don’t worry, I’m not a minimalist and I’m not going to push you to get rid of things you love.) Today many of us live in smaller urban spaces, and though it's wonderful to be in an urban centre, it definitely has its challenges from a practical sense. Finding balance in the amount of things we own, satisfying our interests, hobbies, and those things we find important, is key. I don't believe in living a limited life. Through storage and organization, and well thought-out buying decisions, we can hopefully all try to live our best life. Designing your space sometimes requires you to make decisions based on lifestyle and reality more than you would like, but that doesn’t have to mean you throw all creativity and passion for design out the window. I am here to bridge the two together. I want to help you make your home, and life, more organized, efficient, functional, beautiful, graceful, comfortable, less stressful, or whatever goal you wish for yourself.

Amanda has an eye for design. She provided me with superb consultation with my condo re-design. She also helped me attain quotes from vendors and gave suggestions on how to choose the right one. I recommend her services! 
Kev G

Amanda did a great job helping me plan room layouts and furniture placement for some challenging spaces in my new home. She also helped me organize and set up my kitchen, including unpacking a ton of boxes! She is highly professional, organized and creative. Not only did she dive right in and work hard on a two-day job, she followed up with ideas, tips, and shopping suggestions. I definitely recommend her services. 

Hi Amanda,
Thank you so much for a very detailed email. I completely agree with all the things you said. By all means you are a professional interior designer and that’s why i hired you. I will go with your suggestions and follow your advice, while continuing to shop for wall art and decorative accessories myself in my own times. If i have any question or need your ideas about decorating, i will ask you later.
I really appreciate your efforts and your time Amanda.
Wishing you good health.

Looking forward to your visit and your insight in freshening up my older dwelling, Amanda. I need a professional experienced in things of this sort so I can bounce ideas back & forth; I don’t want to make any mistakes that I will regret.
Good evening Amanda,
Thank you so much for coming by today and also for your interesting suggestions. You were worth every penny.
What a coincidence you wrote me. Thank you for thinking of me, you are a class act. Thank you for your detailed response; it’s appreciated. Your advice is always welcome and very clever. You’re making me look good. Smart like using a different light intensity for the bathroom which would offset the Caribbean Mist should it turn green. And bold bedding too, I like that idea. I couldn’t have done this without you, Amanda. Thank you for your knowledge and wise advice.
I’ll send some pics when I’m done and thank you again.
Goodnight and take care.
~ Peter

Thanks Amanda, I will get back to you. Thank you very much, I really loved your perspective on furniture arrangements. I will be contacting you soon.

Hi Amanda!
thank you so much for your efforts yesterday, and for your generosity with your time! I will update you on my progress with all this stuff and we can plan from there (:
thanks again!

Hi, Amanda. Hope this finds you well. Thanks for your advice. It was so good to talk to you. Thanks for listening so patiently and well, i know i talked a lot 😀 I love those 2 silver/chrome lamps i bought from you last time. It made everything so different in my master bedroom. Appreciate you a lot! Good nite and thanks for your insight on interior. I will cherish everything i bought today from you.
Wow thanks so much for your sincere hearty email! I lovvvve these kind of people!!! Passionate on little details! Ohhhh my heart is so touched! It is hard to find people like you nowadays!
Thanks so much!!
Best regards.

Hi Amanda. Thx again for coming out yesterday.   Can u help me and summarize your suggestions for lighting?  I got mixed up about which locations should/ shouldn’t have light directed upwards and/or downwards etc.
Hi amanda.  Thx for  the detailed email.  I’ll hv to go thru it a few times to absorb it all.  🙂

This is so good, Amanda. Thank you. I am super excited about it.
They both are beautiful. I am going to spend some time tomorrow browsing through them.
You are making me so happy:)
Oh my god. This is just amazing. How did you find it. You are full of surprises. I am so getting this. Thank you so much
My wife just got home and is completely blown away. She won’t stop saying how beautiful everything looks and keep asking me million times how did I do it and that she didn’t know my creative side all this time hahaha… She said from now on I am the lead decorator and she will never say anything to me ever again when picking out stuff hahaha… I am trying to get all the compliments before I tell her who actually did it.
One thing that I really admire about you is that you have great deal of patience and you are very hardworking. You are a very committed person. Hard to meet people with those traits now a days.

I hired Amanda as a designer for our home. I needed the work to be completed on a very short notice as it was a surprise for my wife. Amanda rolled up her sleeves and got to work right away. Amanda came up with creative ideas, took my feedback and did an amazing job. We still get compliments from whoever visits our home. I highly recommend Amanda to anyone looking to add a ‘wow’ element to their home.

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